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Can you help with Sunday hospitality? Each Sunday a team of several people is scheduled, so that the work can be shared.


If you are able to help with our Sunday hospitality ministry, please contact either Judy Sherley or Monica Pasimio. Thank you!




Sunday Hospitality Schedule

March 3, 2024: Symeon & Mary Inlow, Elena Tourkina, Mary Pate

March 10, 2024: Catherine Knox, Tina Pratt, Susan Judy

March 17, 2024: Lucas & Lidiya Murphy, Oksana Youra, Larisa Shishina

March 24, 2024: Illtyd Wynn, George Comrie, Molly Shaw

March 31, 2024: Judy Sherley, Marcus & Ella Dethloff, Rumwold Betcher

April 7, 2024: Roy & Lori Aveling, Lois Herring, Oscar David Johnson

April 14, 2024: Lori Jensen & Anna Krinitsyna

April 21, 2024: Karen Barton & Charla Nelson, Harmony Browne

April 28, 2024: Robbie Betthauser, Andrew Davis, Rosalie Broding, Bonnie Belknap

May 5, 2024: PASCHA

May 12, 2024: Cindy Olson, Victoria Burbank, Gary Burbank







These are a few of the types of snacks that have been seen in the past at Sunday coffee hours. Note, however, that hospitality teams do not normally bring this many different items on a single day.


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