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Funeral Team


Dear Parishioners and Family,

     For over twenty years, women of the parish have assisted families in preparing their loved ones for burial. Out of this has grown a Funeral Team ministry that includes assisting individuals in making their end-of-life plans, arranging the purchase of cemetery plots, preparing the deceased for burial, assisting the clergy and family at funerals, and managing interments at Adams Cemetery.

     The death of a loved one is never easy; however, advance preparation makes a sorrowful time manageable and ensures that the deceased’s wishes are carried out. Communicating one’s wishes both verbally and in writing eases the way for all involved. This is especially important when the individual’s family members are not members of the Church, or are estranged. The information and resources in this section of the parish website are intended to help guide you and your family to make informed and thorough end-of-life plans. 

     It is our prayer that this information will help those who are terminally ill make plans for their repose. It is also intended to help those who are facing the loss of a loved one to experience more fully the deep peace offered by the Church at the parting of a soul from the body.

Church of the Annunciation Funeral Team

January 2019


Eastern Orthodox Church of The Annunciation
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