COVID-19 Update
Regularly scheduled in-person activities at church are canceled until further notice, in obedience to a directive from our Archbishop Benjamin.

On Thursday, April 16, we began to live-stream services on YouTube. You may check our YouTube channel here.

Please note that the tentative calendar below is a schedule of what our services would be if the coronavirus-related stay-at-home orders were no longer in effect. Our weekly bulletin may be a good place to check for changes and updates.

Click here for a printable copy of the tentative May 2020 calendar.





Normal Weekly Schedule
8:00am - Matins
9:00am - Sunday School

(September - June)

10:00am - Divine Liturgy

(9:30 am in summer)

5:45am - Matins
6:00pm - Vespers
5:45am - Matins
6:00pm - Vespers
5:45am - Matins
6:00pm - Vespers
4:45am - Matins

(or 8 am - check weekly bulletin)

5:45am - Divine Liturgy

(or 9 am - check weekly bulletin)

6:00pm - Vespers
7:00pm - Inquirers Class

(September - June)

5:45am - Matins
6:00pm - Vespers
7:00pm - Great Vespers

These are the usual times.  Please check our weekly bulletin for occasional changes or updates.

Eastern Orthodox Church of The Annunciation
13515 SE Rusk Road, Milwaukie, Oregon 97222