UPDATE: Sunday Liturgy will revert to the 10:00 am start time, beginning on September 19. 

COVID-19 Update
Sunday Liturgy services are celebrated outdoors, in the field next to the church, unless rain is forecast (in which case the service will be held in the church). Since the outdoor location allows ample room for social distancing, face masks are not required when Liturgy is celebrated outdoors.

For indoor church services and other indoor activities, face masks are required. (An exception is that clergy, liturgical readers, and choir singers are not required to wear masks while performing church services. Another exception is that persons who are actively eating or drinking do not need to be masked.)

Saturday evening Vespers and Sunday Liturgies are also being live-streamed on YouTube. You may check our YouTube channel here.

On May 14, 2021, His Eminence Archbishop Benjamin sent out a letter on COVID Guidelines, which you may read here. This letter makes reference to some CDC guidance that has since been updated because of the surge of the Delta variant. Archbishop Benjamin has directed that in light of these developments, we should obey our current state guidelines about masking.

Click here to download a printable copy of the October 2021 calendar. (Please note: Sunday Liturgy start time is 10:00 am, not 9:30 am as incorrectly stated on this calendar. If Liturgy is outdoors, hours begin 30 minutes before Liturgy. If Liturgy is indoors, Matins begins at 8:30.)

Click here to download a printable copy of the September 2021 calendar.

Please also check our weekly bulletin for schedule changes and updates.






Normal Weekly Schedule
8:30am - Matins

NOTE: On days when Liturgy is celebrated outdoors, the Matins service is omitted. Instead, the Hours are celebrated, beginning 30 minutes before the start of Liturgy.

9:00am - Sunday School

(September - June)

10:00am - Divine Liturgy

(9:30 am in summer)

7:00am - Matins
6:00pm - Vespers
7:00am - Matins
6:00pm - Vespers
7:00am - Matins
6:00pm - Vespers
7:30am - Matins
9:00am - Divine Liturgy
6:00pm - Vespers
7:00pm - Inquirers Class

(September - May)

7:00am - Matins
6:00pm - Vespers
7:00am - Matins
7:00pm - Great Vespers

These are the usual times.  Please also check our weekly bulletin for changes or updates.


Eastern Orthodox Church of The Annunciation
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